The team at Freedom Wigs.                                                                      Steve Conley, General Manager of Freedom Wigs Ltd.


The labour intensive task of manufacturing this incredible prosthesis falls onto the shoulders of a dedicated team lead by Steve Conley who has been the General Manager of Freedom Wigs Ltd since 2009.

This team of artisans consists of over 45 people, each a specialist in their field of the manufacturing process, be it hair grading, blending, implantation or mould making. All are dedicated to quality, customer service and ongoing product development.

A group of people that are passionate about changing people’s lives for the better, this involves following the ethics that have helped formed the company’s culture.

We understand each prosthesis is a client not a number, we are creating new hair for someone, not simply a wig.

We treat customers and staff as we would like to be treated. Our product is focused on the customer’s needs, we want to improve people’s lives and make a difference.