I believe that everyone deserves as much information as possible when choosing a solution for their hair loss.

I am happy to show you how Freedom hair works even if you are at the beginning of your journey. Gathering resources helps us feel in control of our alopecia and there is peace in knowing that if the worst happens and you lose your hair you will be okay.

During your consultation, I really want to take the time to get to know you, my client, so that a clear understanding can be had of your experiences and your expectations can be met. To do this in the most comfortable environment for you I offer home visits and travel extensively.

Not only do I have hair loss myself, but I have met with many others and understand your needs. My personalised service is delivered with discretion, privacy and attention to detail.

I understand the close link between personal appearance and self esteem. I’ll listen to your lifestyle needs and guide you through the design process.

Your Individual specifications:

One of the amazing qualities about Freedom Wigs is, at the time of ordering you are able to specify what hairstyle and attributes you want. If you have a particular style in mind- for example , you may want the style you had before losing your hair, or a totally new look that you’ve seen elsewhere – then we can tailor make the wig to suit your needs. Presenting a picture with the order is a great way to communicate your ideas.






Match your original colour, or choose from 17 colours which
can mixed to create any shade you desire.








We understand your needs, as we have hair loss too.




Style attributes you can choose from:

Hair colour   

Match your original colour, or choose from 17 colours, which can be mixed to create any shade you desire.
The stylist can add streaks or highlighting effects if needed, during your styling appointment.

Hair type

Straight, slight movement, light curl, heavy curl (or even permed during your styling appointment).


Any length up to 16 inches.

Part location

Left, centre, or right.

Crown location

Left, centre, or right.

Scalp colour

6 tones to choose from.


The hair is implanted in the direction and density needed to create the style you want.

Grey hair

Grey hair can be added at varying percentages in any part of the wig, eg; front, temples, sides.