Murray and Averill Barrington

Freedom Wigs Ltd, (formerly Barrington studios) was established in 1977 by Murray Barrington in Dunedin, New Zealand.Having a background in mechanical engineering, the patience of a saint and a never give up attitude, Murray started by developing men’s top pieces in a spare room at home to help his brother.

Eleven years later, and with the help of his wife Averill, he began creating full cap prosthetic hairpieces for women, men and children with alopecia areata, totalis, universalis and androgenic alopecia. Understanding the intrinsic link between hair and self esteem they wanted to give customers the benefit of vacuum cap security without the use of tapes or glue.

Murray and Averill oversaw extensive research and development in the following decades resulting in permeable silicone caps that offer the ultimate comfort and security, medical scanning equipment that is state of the art and gives clients an incredible fit, and perfected an implanting technique that replicates growing hair. All of this whilst sourcing the best virgin hair and fostering strong relationships.

They gathered around them the equipment, resources and people needed to create the best wig on the market with the person with alopecia at the forefront of their practice. In such a quiet, humble way, their kindness, brilliance and dedication have changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.